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2023 Anticipated Releases!

Hello everyone! I've realized I have so many anticipated releases for this year, so why not share? As always, I have mostly romance and fantasy books since those are my main genres BUT there are a few others mixed in. So many of my auto-buy authors are releasing this year meaning my wallet's in trouble but it's shaping up to be a fantastic reading year.

I hope you enjoy this list!!


The Stolen Heir - Holly Black - 1/3/2023

I know, I know. This book has already been released but I just had to mention it. Holly Black is a fantastic YA fantasy author and I loved the Cruel Prince trilogy. The Stolen Heir is a sequel duology following a new character. AS SOON as I heard about this I was ecstatic, I wrote it in my planner and everything. I got it on release day and got my hands on the B&N exclusive edition (AAA) and it's honestly so stunning. I'm planning to read it after my current read!

Royal Blood - Aimee Carter - 3/7/2023

This is about Evan, the King of England’s illegitimate daughter, suddenly forced to spend the summer with a not-so-thrilled royal family. When Evan suddenly becomes the primary suspect in a murder investigation, she starts fighting to uncover the truth… and discovers some dark secrets about the royalty. I am a sucker for drama, especially royal drama. I just know I'm going to love this.

Happy Place - Emily Henry - 4/25/2023

So, this basically follows a couple who broke up months ago and make a pact to pretend to still be together for their annual weeklong vacation with their best friends. Um hello?? That sounds amazing! I love Emily Henry, I always have a good time with her books and I cannot wait to read this. Plus, I love second chance love which looks like what this is going to shape up to be...

Practice Makes Perfect - Sarah Adams - 5/2/2023

This book follows the owner of the local flower shop in Rome, Kentucky, who makes a questionable agreement with a tattooed bad boy, and a delightful friends-to-lovers romance begins to bloom. Did you all see that?? FRIENDS TO LOVERS. If you didn't know, friends to lovers is my favorite trope ever and I will literally read a grocery list if it mentions friends to lovers. Plus, the overall premise makes me sooo excited. And, the cover? STUNNING. I am quite excited about this one. Now...I did apply for an ARC of this but we'll see what happens!

The True Love Experiment - Christina Lauren - 5/16/2023

To be completely honest with you, I had no idea what this book was about until I started writing this post and looked it up because I just love Christina Lauren with all my being, and I knew I would love it no matter what. That being said, I'll still tell you what it's about! A romance novelist and a documentary filmmaker join forces to craft the perfect Hollywood love story and take both of their careers to the next level, but only if they can keep the chemistry between them from taking the whole thing off script. For me, this is one of those books I physically need an ARC of to survive but I've accepted it'll never happen...

Yellowface - R.F. Kuang - 5/25/2023

Lately, I have been entering my literary fiction era and I think this is going to be perfect for that! Yellowface is about Juniper Song, a New York Times bestselling author who she says she is, she didn't write the book she claims she wrote, and she is most certainly not Asian American. It is said to be chilling and hilariously cutting. Sounds like my kind of book, and just an overall fascinating premise. This is a story about diversity, racism, and cultural appropriation, and I just know this is a book that will leave me on the edge of my seat. A book that will leave me thinking long after I’ve finished the very last page. I can't wait!

Love, Theoretically - Ali Hazelwood - 6/13/2023

In this new book from one of my favorite romance authors, rival physicists collide in a vortex of academic feuds and fake dating shenanigans. Academic feuds and fake dating?? Two of my favorite things to read in romance...ever. I just know Miss Ali Hazelwood will beyond deliver with this, and I can't wait!

(Sidenote, love the cover!)


Alright, everyone! There are my 2023 anticipated releases. There are not too many, but I'm sure more will be added when more releases are announced for the second half of 2023! Thank you so much for reading, comment your anticipated releases, and I'll see you next time!



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