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A Court Of Thorns and Roses: Honest Review

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas



Overall Thoughts:

Sarah J. Mass did a great job of bringing a tale as old as time back to life with this rich and twisting adult fantasy. Every single character was deeply developed and had a key role in the story. Sarah J. Mass also kept the key components of a fairy tale, specifically Beauty and The Beast, while making it new and refreshing.

Thoughts on Feyre

Feyre was a fantastic representation of Belle and a strong female character. I loved the way she was the heroine in the story and didn't need any help from a man, but still showed a soft and vulnerable side. Overall great character!!

Thoughts on Tamlin....

Oh my gosh this poor man!! All she had to say was I love you back!! Plus him having to watch Feyre and Rhysand. The torture he had to go through!! Also, the situation with his family. This poor soul!!! (poor unfortunate soul....)

Thoughts on Rhysand {unpopular opinion #1}

So, I am pretty sure we all can agree that Rhys is the fan favorite for....many reasons (cough cough wings) BUT I am not a huge fan of him. He gives me controlling misogynist male vibes. Although, at the same time I feel like he has a lot of trauma and keeps that as a barrier. I do feel like a character redemption is possible, so I am not writing him off as of now.

Thoughts on Amarantha~~

As much as I hate this lady with every single one of my guts, I have to admit she is a fantastic villain, and is written beautifully. She is a great character and I am so glad she died.

Worth the Hype?

Overall I would say it is worth the hype because it is a really rich and detailed high fantasy, but I think it could take a little bit of a break and leave some room for equally awesome high fantasy's!

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