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Hot Girl Autumn Book Recs! (That I Promise You'll Love)

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post of August! I hope you are all doing well and are just as excited for the upcoming months as I am.

I know some people have not even started school yet (same) buuuuut it won’t hurt to start preparing for fall a little early, now will it?

That includes buying way too many candles, way too many oversized sweaters and way too many books. That’s what brought me here today, to recommend my favorite and most loved cozy hot girl books for fall! You know, those books you would read on a rainy day in your favorite local coffee shop in a striped sweater with a coffee (or tea) in your hand? Yes, those are the types of books we are talking about today.

(If you don’t know what hot girl fall is, I’ve put together a little collage below that pretty much sums up the aesthetic.)

All right, enough chitter chatter, let's get into the recs!

The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton

“But Opal, I don’t like classics.” Neither do I, but there are a few exceptions, this being one of them. This has all the vibes, and an amazing plot. It’s super short, and is truly just such an amazing story in so many ways. Please read it.

The Outsiders is about two weeks in the life of a 14-year-old boy. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider.

Amazon | Goodreads

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

“Opal, I already told you, I don’t like classics.” That won’t be a problem because this isn’t really a classic. I mean, it’s considered one but just ignore that for a second. Think of it as a gothic romance, because that's what it is. It is literally perfect for your hot girl autumn vibes. For a classic, the writing is very straightforward and amazingly atmospheric. The moors and Gothic setting of Wuthering Heights is stunning. You will adore this book and the overall theme of revenge and love, just trust me.

Amazon | Goodreads

Butter, Sugar, Magic - Jessica Rosenberg

I absolutely adore cozy small town paranormal/mystery stories, and you probably do too, especially in fall! This is the book for those vibes. It’s a quick read, and very easy to get into! Jessica Rosenberg’s writing is so much fun and just a good time. It has short chapters, a magic building and some mystery thrown in there. It’s also the first book in a trilogy!

Amazon | Goodreads

Dracula - Bram Stoker

“Opal I don’t-” I know, you don’t like classics. But, again, don’t think of this as a classic. This is a gothic paranormal story about vampires and morally gray characters. It has well written characters, a fun plot and the vibes are immaculate. Especially for hot girl fall!!! Also, think about how cool you’ll look reading this book with your chai latte in a coffee shop.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue - V.E. Schwab

So, this book wasn’t my favorite, but I still had a good time with it, and I think a lot of people will too! This story is about Miss Adeline Larue, a young girl who runs away from her wedding, and accidentally makes a deal with an alluring devil, happens to the best of us. She sells her soul for immortality, the only catch being that no one will ever remember her. It was slightly boring at times, and slightly predictable, but it was a fun time and definitely has the dark academia/gothic vibes we’re all looking for during Autumn.

Amazon | Goodreads

Alright everyone! That is all the recommendations I have for you today. I will definitely be posting some more fall content as well as my summer reading wrap up very soon so make sure to become a member on my blog (it's free!) and subscribe to the newsletter so you can see every single post.


Opal :)

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