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Reacting to Your Controversial Book Opinions!

As I was scrolling on instagram a few days ago I realized I have some really controversial opinions about different things in the book community, and that got me thinking. Long story short, I came to the conclusion that instead of just sharing my own opinions, we could discuss some controversial opinions of yours!

So, on my instagram I did an open-ended poll asking about people's controversial book opinions...and some are very controversial you are not ready for this. I am super excited to get into them, react to them, and share some of my controversial opinions! So without further ado, let's talk about some book opinions!

Controversial Opinion #1

I actually completely agree with this. I've always loved dog-earing my books, specifically my favorite pages, scenes, etc. I honestly am not sure why people get so upset when they see this cause I think it's such a cute way to show love to your books!

Controversial Opinion #2

I will say, I love romance, it is one of my most-read genres, but I definitely understand they're not for everyone. And as much as I love romance, fantasy will always be my favorite because of the plot, the worlds, the characters, the commitment you feel for the characters, everything. Also, one book (or genre) doesn't fit everyone! Everyone is entitled to their own taste in books without being attacked. So if romance isn't your cup of tea that's completely okay, but I adore romance personally!

Controversial Opinion #3

One thing about me is I will always respect people's opinions on any type of media. But...seriously?? I adored the whole Folk of the Air trilogy and I thought the pacing was fantastic, and the series really kept me on the edge of my seat! I'm honestly really surprised it bore you, but I'm really sorry you didn't enjoy it! I will say in the nicest way possible, I do think you're wrong, but agree to disagree, yeah?

Controversial Opinion #4

Ok, I really agree with this one. Paperbacks are just so much better! They're easier to read, carry around, and they're less expensive which is always nice. I also love the feel of floppy paperbacks when I read, it's just superior! Don't get me wrong, I love hardcovers too, they definitely have a purpose, but I'll take paperbacks any day.

Controversial Opinion #5

Yes!!!!! I am an avid and continuous believer in annotating your books and loving on them. I love the fact that if someone picked up one of my annotated books they could tell it was me who read it, and see how much I loved it. Plus, being able to write my thoughts on the page makes me feel a lot more connected to the book if that makes any sense. There are also endless possibilities with annotating, and it can end up being so pretty! Now, of course, if you don't want to annotate because of whatever reason that's okay! It's your books, do what you want with them. It's when people hate on annotating or people who annotate that bothers me.

Controversial Opinion #6

Ummm you should be very sorry. I mean this in the kindest way possible, but what the heck?! How do you not like friends to lovers!! It's my favorite trope ever. It's so sweet and wholesome and when it's done well it's literally addictive. And the building tension when they both start to realize they're not just friends?? immaculate. As always, I respect your opinion and all, but I strongly disagree. I am curious though, if you don't like friends to lovers (I'm still not over this, like how???), what tropes do you like?


Ok, everyone! There are my hot takes on some of your controversial opinions. This was really fun, so let me know if you'd like a part two, I'd be happy to make it! Let me know some of your controversial opinions in the comments, and I'll see you next time.



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