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Never Saw You Coming {Spoiler Free Review}

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

“You jump, I jump Hennessy”

Never Saw You Coming By Erin Hahn is a fresh take on growing up, Christianity, and first loves. Personally, as a christian who often gets stereotyped, I loved the evolved and realistic religion aspect of the book. Micah and Meg were adorable and I found myself smiling way too big while reading all the perfectly written scenes.

Thoughts On Meg

Meg was a firecracker of a character and had me laughing and smiling (mostly) all of the time! I love the fact that she has fairy wings, it is a great characteristic that is very unique. Because this is a spoiler free review, I won’t go into too much detail, but Meg’s character development and building was elite. I enjoyed every single chapter from her perspective.

Thoughts On Micah

Whoa was Micah, a deep character who just kept getting deeper! I loved his background and how obsessed he was (and is) with Meg. He has so many feelings, all the time and I love it whole-heartadly. Once again, no spoilers, but the relationship with his family was stunning and, just like Meg's chapters, I enjoyed every word of the chapters from his perspective.

Thoughts on the Plot.

The plot had plenty of important and exciting points! I think it was paced pretty well, making sure it wasn’t too overwhelming for the reader. Something I really enjoyed was how the book had two different perspectives. Because of this, the reader gets the inner thoughts of both characters, and isn’t left to guess.

Overall, this book was fantastic and I will 110% be rereading this in the near future, and recommending it to anybody who needs a diverse and exciting contemporary romance!


Opal <3

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