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Red Book Tag :o

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

hello lovelies! got tagged by Ellanessa Lee on A Bibliophiles Book Blog! So thank you for tagging me and you can check out her post here:

(FYI if you didn't know this book tag is inspired by Taylor Swift's album red!)

1. Red: A red book you love with a burning passion:

catching fire by suzanne collins

I absolutely love all of this hunger games installments (including the prequel!!) and apparently I don't own many red books (lol) so this is one of the only red books I own!!

Personally, Catching Fire is my favorite book out of the trilogy, I do not not why it just is!

2. I Knew You Were Trouble: A book you knew would cause you emotional trauma:

the fault in our stars by john green

Going into this, I knew I was going to be a mess afterwords, but I still read it because I love John Green. I was very right, I was a sobbing mess of tears at the end of this, but was it worth it? 100%!

I would like to say, you know its a good book when I read it within 2 days, and I read this in 24 hours so....

3. We Are Never Getting Back Together: A book you've cut ties with:

dork diaries by rachel renée russell

I don't think I really have to explain so moving on to the next question!

4. I Almost Do: A book you know is trash, but you love it anyway:

p.s. I like you by kasie west

This book is so cringey I know, but its just so cute for some reason and I really like it. Please don't even look at me! I know it is so horrible but its cute and I really like the enemies-in-real-life-falling-in-love-anonymously trope <3

5. All Too Well: A book you remember everything about:

love & gelato by jenna evans welch

This is one of my all time favorites when it comes to YA contemporary and I remember every single detail of this book. If you haven't read this don't even talk to me.

6. Begin Again: A book that got you out of a reading slump:

you have a match by emma lord

I could not put this down and loved every single word of it! I was in a multiple month long reading slump and this got me out of it which I am very grateful for!

7. Everything Has Changed: A book you knew you would love at first sight:

song of achilles by madeline miller

its greek mythology, its queer, its booktok popular, what else do I have to say?! This book was fantastic and I want to own 10 million copies of it.

Ok folks! That is all for this book tag! Thanks for reading and have a great day/night


Opal <3

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