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Ten Tips To Get Out of A Reading Slump!

Hello and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post! It has been forever since we have done one of these so I thought it was about time for another edition. I’ve been looking through fellow readers' stories on Instagram and it feels like everyone is in a slump and having trouble finding the motivation to read. Reading slumps often come out of nowhere and are ridiculously hard to get out of.

But don’t get too down about it, because we have all had our fair share of reading slumps, and I have had mine too! I’ve also learned ways to get out of them easily through a few easy tips. Hopefully, if you are lacking in motivation to pick up a book, these tips will help you get out of it, and back on your reading grind! Let's get into the tips...


1. Take a Break

Sometimes, the best thing to do is just take a break. Continuously forcing yourself to open a book and try reading it can make a reading slump worse. So just try accepting the slump and giving yourself a breather!

2. Reread a Favorite

Reminding yourself why you love reading and putting yourself back into a world you know you are going to love can make all the difference. Plus, the comfort of a favorite can take the pressure off of reading.

3. Listen To An Audiobook

Audiobooks work wonders for reading slumps! Especially if your reading slump is caused because you simply don't have enough time to read. Turning on an audiobook can be super convenient while cleaning, cooking, going on a walk, on the morning commute to work/school, and more. And let's be honest, when you are in a reading slump, the idea of reading a physical book can be seriously daunting. So, just listening to the book can be a lot more of an approachable task to begin your climb out of a reading slump.

4. Make Time in Your Schedule to Read

If you have the time to do this, this is a perfect tip to get out of a reading slump. To be completely honest, a lot of time my reading slumps are caused because I don't make the time to read. Instead, I focus on other things like scrolling on my phone, watching TV, or whatever. So just simply carving out 20-30 minutes a day to read, just having the time available can be really helpful while in a reading slump.

5. Vent About Your Slump

Keeping all your frustration and annoyance about your slump inside can massively delay progress on getting up and out of your slump! Let that out! Whether it be confiding in a friend, family member, or any form of the social media community, I promise just talking out those feelings will make the whole situation a whole lot less stressful.

6. Try a New Genre

When we're in a reading slump and can be hard to admit that the cause might just be that what we've been reading isn't working for us anymore. Which is ok! As readers, are tastes are bound to change and evolve. So, I highly suggest testing out a new genre to help with your reading slump. You may not like it, but at least it'll mix it up a little and maybe even remind you why you love your go-to genre so much. And, if you do like it, now you have a new genre to explore!

7. Read a Short Book/Graphic Novel

I would say that the feeling of finishing a book is the most rewarding part of being a reader. It feels like (and is) such an accomplishment! So reading something super short, or easy to read, is a simple way to feel that lovely feeling of finishing a book. and respect your reading slump.

8. Consume Bookish Content

Whenever I scroll through Instagram or Youtube, and see all these bookish people reading and thriving, it motivates me to read. It's the magic of the book community. Now, do be careful not to end up scrolling for hours on end. Nevertheless, bookish content is a perfect way to motivate yourself to read and remind yourself of the beauty of a good book.

9. Try a Book Challenge

Another great way to motivate yourself to read is a book challenge! Whether that be a readathon or something an influencer is hosting, it's perfect. Making reading an event can get you hyped up to hunker down and read. It's one of my fav techniques for getting out of a slump!

10. Change Up Your Reading Environment

Let's be honest, reading in your bed, or at your desk, every single day can get old. So, mix it up! Try reading in the living room, or at a coffee shop, or maybe in the bathtub! Just experiment with new reading environments to excite your brain.


And there they are! All my best tips for getting out of a reading slump. I truly hope you found some of these helpful, and even if you aren't in a reading slump right now, maybe you can tuck these away for later. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in the next post!



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