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The Top 5 Books of 2021 (so far)

Hello lovelies! This week I am skipping the normal book review and doing a more personal post. Today (as the title says) I will be listing the top 5 books I have read in 2021, so far. Now, I will not be listing these in order because there is no way my indecisive mind could do that. Without further ado let's get into the books.

The Sky Blues - Robbie Couch

I recently reviewed this one and wow it was such an amazing book! The main character is gay and a side charahcter is trans. There is also more LGBTQ+ representation in the book. Adding on to this, the plot was super unique, it wasn’t the same old trope that you see in contemporary books. I really enjoyed this and I think you would too!

The Sky Blues

My review :)

The Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

I feel like I don’t review a lot of fantasy series/novels here which is literally such a problem because I adore fantasy and science fiction. Anywho, I read this way back in 2021, and was in awe. I love the way Victoria presents the world and the character and all of it. I am still on book 3 (500 pages!?) and am trying to get through's hard work.

The Red Queen

This is Not The Jess Show - Anna Carey

This is another book I recently reviewed! It was so good! I am very upset that the second one doesn’t come out till May 24, 2021. The characters were amazing and I love the plot detail. I 110% recommend this one.

This is Not The Jess Show

My Review :)

Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery

I don’t read classics a lot, but I am eternally grateful for the fact that I picked this one up. It made me feel so happy and warm inside. It is set in the early 1900’s and makes me want to live on a farm and wear dainty dresses. This book will always hold a piece of my heart.

Anne of Green Gables

Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This book is so freakin fantastic. I. am. In. love.

This book is totally worth the hype and I will literally shove it in your face if you don't read it.

The Song of Achilles

Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch

I finished this in one sitting. Devoured it. That's all I'm saying goodbye.

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