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Top Ten Book Covers I Would Frame as Pieces of Art

Hello readers! Today I am starting a brand-new series on my book blog, called Top Ten Tuesday! Basically, every other Tuesday, I will be making a list containing ten books that fit a certain theme. This week’s theme is “Book Covers I Would Frame as Pieces of Art”. Let's get into the books! Do keep in mind that these are not in any certain order.

{disclaimer: I did not create the name top ten Tuesday or the concept, all credit goes to The Broke and The Bookish book blog!}


Girls of Paper and Fire

This cover is just so pretty! The colors and the font of the words just go together so well! Absolutely stunning.


Star Daughter

First of all, the woman on the cover is just gorgeous. Then the gold and black theme just pulls it all together.


City of Bones 10th Anniversary Edition

AAAA! The silver/white engravements on the navy-blue book are so pretty! They also go along with the story (if you know, you know).


The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina

Once again, this woman is just stunning! Then the colorful hummingbirds and flowers on her chest against the red rose background just pull it all together! It is stunning!!


Lore Olympus

OH.MY.GOSH. I adore this cover so much. It compares the mortal world and Persephone to the underworld and Hades in the most gorgeous way. I can't wait to see what the second volume will look like!



I have no words. It is simply utterly beautiful. I actually recently bought it and was able to see it in person and it is even more breathtaking in real life. The second book in this fantasy duology is just as gorgeous as well!


These Violent Delights

The gold dragon wrapped around the dagger with the roses and leaves surrounding it is so stunning. Also, the way the words of the title blend into the design, even more stunning!



I would quite literally pay someone to turn this into an art piece for me to frame and hang on my wall! It is just so gorgeous...!


The Dead and The Dark

The way the faces morph and the deep magenta against the beige is just UGH so pretty! I haven't even read this book yet and I am already in love with it.


You've Reached Sam

I recently was able to hold this in my hands for the first time ever and just sat there in shock for a solid 60 seconds. It is so pretty and just absolutely stunning. Beautiful.


Alright, readers! That is all for today's episode of Top Ten Tuesday. I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading a post dedicated to me fangirling over book covers. I am not joking when I say I want all of these in my room, framed and hung as the pieces of art that they are. Comment any ideas for future Top Ten Tuesdays that you would like to see me do!

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