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Thank you so much for considering working with me! I am so happy to have you here. Read on to find out more about who I am and how we can promote your wonderful books together !

shesreading book blog was founded in June of 2021 by Opal. On this blog, you will find a lot of bookish talks: book reviews, book discussions, blogging discussions, special features and so on.

shesreading book blog is offering different services to promote your books. I'm happy to talk if you’re looking for personalized offers, as well.


-BOOK PROMOTION: author interviews, giveaways, cover reveals, sponsored packages, etc.

shesreading book blog has been in the book blogging community for over 1 year now. It has a total audience of over 5k followers and 2k views on average per month. It also has a highly engaged, loyal audience that trusts our taste, recommendations and advice.

Currently accepting book review requests.
PLEASE read the guidelines below before contacting us.

Whether you’re an author, publisher, publicist, we will happily consider your book or your client’s book for review. Please read the guidelines below before submitting your request. 

Review Request Guidelines

My reading preferences

Please note that, at the time, I will only accept fiction books. 

  • Fiction and Young Adult, New Adult & Adult Books ONLY.

  • I will read contemporary, fantasy, science-fiction, thriller, mystery, historical fiction, erotica and horror

  • I won’t read at all: all non-fiction books.

My Reviewing Way

  • You can be certain to get our honest opinion about the book you send out for review. Whether I enjoyed it or not, I always try to be as constructive as I can in every review.

  • Reviews for ARCs and early copies we have received will be, at best, published in a time frame close to the book’s publishing date. That being said, we do not promise that this time frame will always be respected, given that this blog is maintained outside of life’s other obligations.

  • I accept both digital and physical copies for review, however I prefer physical. Before considering a physical copy, please note that I am living in America.

Not all requests will be accepted. I deal with requests in case-by-case and due to the amount of emails I can get, please be patient. If you’re not following any of the guidelines stated above, you might not get an answer at all. Please read carefully so that none of us loses our time. I normally respond to emails within 1-3 days. 

Every book review will be published on the blog, as well as promoted on my social media accounts

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